Diversity Program Consortium Publications Portal

This site supports the production of publications that advance the mission and values of the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC). Through this portal, members of the consortium will be able to submit publication proposals that uses consortium-wide data for review by the Publications & Presentations Subcommittee (PPsC) of the DPC. Approved topics and current publication proposals that use consortium - wide data sets are also available on this site.

Important Dates & Proposal Submission Deadlines

Next PPsC Meeting Date: Friday November 13, 2020. 
Last Day to Submit Publication Proposal(s) for PPsC Consideration at the November 13 Meeting: Friday, October 30, 2020 @ 5pm PST. 

Publication Proposals Under Review


Most Recent Approved Publication Proposal(s) 

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Recent Publication(s) Using Consortium Data

Norris KC, McCreath HE, Hueffer K, Aley SB, Chavira G, Christie CA, Crespi CM, Crespo C, D'Amour G, Eagan K, Echegoyen LE, Feig A, Foroozesh M, Guerrero LR, Johanson K, Kamangar F, Kingsford L, LaCourse W, Maccalla NM, Márquez-Magaña L, Mathur A, Maton K, Mehravaran S, Morales DX, Nakazono T, Ofili E, Okuyemi K, Ott L, Parangan-Smith A, Pfund C, Purnell D, Reynolds A, Rous PJ, Saetermoe C, Snyder K, Vishwanatha JK, Wagler A, Wallace SP, Seeman T. Baseline Characteristics of the 2015-2019 First Year Student Cohorts of the NIH Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) Program. Ethn Dis. 2020 Sep 24;30(4):681-692. doi: 10.18865/ed.30.4.681. PMID: 32989368; PMCID: PMC7518523.


For more information about the DPC PPsC and publications proposal submission process, please contact the PPsC Coordinator at publications@diversityprogramconsortium.org.