DPC Policies & Guidelines for Publications

The Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) publication strategic plan allows the Consortium to develop priorities, prevent overlap, and ensure the timely completion of high-quality research products. The PPsC, with the administrative support of the CEC, is responsible for executing aspects of the strategic plan. Documents provided here are vetted through the DPC’s Executive Steering Committee and the NIGMS and are foundational to the publication process.

DPC Guidelines for Publications, Presentations, and the

Public Release of Consortium-Wide Data

Table of Contents Summary

Overview and purpose, p. 1

Structure and Role of the PPsC, pp. 2 - 3

Guidance for consortium-wide data and approvals, pp. 3 - 5

Policies for authorship, conflict of interest and publication costs, pp.6 - 7

Guidelines for Acknowledgements pp. 7 – 9

  • DPC Participant List – required acknowledgment pg. 7

  • NIH Requirements – instructions and information p. 7 – 9

Appendices pp. 10 – 19

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DPC Style Guide

How to use this Style Guide

This guide was created to facilitate the development of publications using Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) data and provide recommendations for describing some of the common terms associated with the consortium. It is divided into topic areas that should be considered when writing a document or giving a presentation DPC that will be available to the broader community. Each topic area may have a Background, Sample Text, and suggestions for what information to include or exclude (DPC Do’s and Don’ts). The Table of Contents is hyperlinked to allow for jumping to specific areas.

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DPC Methods Guide for Publications Using Consortium-Wide Data


This document serves as an introduction to common social science statistical methods used for analyzing large-sample, cross-sectional, and longitudinal survey data. It is not meant to be all-inclusive or methodologically prescriptive; rather, it is intended to provide basic information and resources on methods that can be used to address questions based on Consortium-Wide Evaluation Plan (CWEP)data and the DPC Hallmarks of Success. It may also assist in completing the required sections of the DPC Manuscript Proposal form to request CWEP data.

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Data Sharing Agreement


The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the evaluation of the program, a core set of data across the DPC awardee sites is collected at intervals as outlined in the Consortium-Wide Evaluation Plan (CWEP) (see Appendices for details). In addition, individual awardees collect and store site-level data for evaluation and research purposes to meet the goals of the program. This Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), developed in conjunction with DPC’s awardees and the Executive Steering Committee (ESC), describes the requirements for data collection, integrity, storage, security, confidentiality, use, sharing, ownership, rights, and responsibilities.

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