PPsC Publication Resources

Below are resources for publications using Consortium-wide data. Please visit the main DPC page for additional resources.

Publications Using Consortium-wide Data


These are publications that used Consortium-wide data (as defined by the DPC Data Sharing Policy). For a comprehensive list of Consortium publications (including sub-consortium, site level and publications from BUILD pilot projects etc.), please visit DPC Publications.

Researchers are encouraged to thoroughly review the DPC Master List of Research Titles before proceeding to submit publication proposals requiring consortium data. This list include already published titles, titles approved or being considered for approval by the PPsC, and a list of CEC evaluation questions/titles. For questions about the proposal submission process, approved titles and data availability, please contact us at publications@diversityprogramconsortium.org.

See link for All DPC publications.

DPC Hallmarks of Success


These are goals to achieve or move towards over the course of an academic program/career path of an individual pursuing a career in biomedical/behavior research. If a Hallmark is already at a high level, then maintenance is the goal. These Hallmarks are also used to guide the Consortium-Wide Evaluation (CWEP) spanning student, faculty/mentor and institutional impacts.

See link for more Hallmarks related resources

Enhanced Diversity Surveys


These are surveys administered on behalf of the Consortium by CEC to study participants at 10 BUILD institutions as part of  the national effort to learn more about student and faculty experiences with higher education, scientific research, mentoring, career paths, among others. Use the link below to access the content of the survey and related materials on the DPC intranet.

Link to Enhanced Diversity Surveys

Other Resources